Eduational Programs and Workshops, and Interpretive Guiding

Whether I work with school teachers, students, workshop participants or non-profit organizations, my goal is to instill in people a curiosity for the natural world. In an increasingly technologically-centered world, and one with shrinking gardens and farmlands, I see great value in re-investing in nature and being good steward of the natural world.

In my programs, workshops and interpretive tours, I offer a combination of in-class teaching, field observation and hands-on components. I seek to demonstrate our interdependence on plants and their centrality to the health of our planet. I use my knowledge of and connections to various local farms, botanical gardens and plant societies to build bridges and encourage people to learn about sustainable gardening practices and local farming, as well as finding ways to reinclude nature in our neighborhoods.

In 2012, through a series of gardening classes, I advised a group of school teachers from several elementary schools in Richmond about best practices for establishing and maintaining vegetable gardens. In winter/spring 2013, I developed a series of gardening workshops for high school teachers to give them the best possible tools to be successful in their gardening endeavors.

I have taught an series of gardening and nature-based workshops at the Steveston Community Garden, as an extension of the Steveston Educational Garden. The workshops touch on informative gardening-know-hows, including organic vegetable gardening, gardening with flowering perennials and shrubs, and native plants!

At VanDusen Botanical Garden, I give talks at public events such as Seedy Saturday and Harvest Festival as well as plant/gardening societies. My workshops focus on seed saving, native plant gardening, wildlife gardening and vegetable gardening.

If you would like me to teach a gardening workshop or come along on my interpretive tour guides, please get in touch with me!