A Hybrid Garden

I strongly believe in diverse plantings that include flowering and fruiting trees, shrubs, perennials and select annuals. I recommend a combination of fruit trees, such as apples, medlers, and quinces, along with flowering shrubs and extensive collection of annuals, herbaceous and evergreen perennials from Asia, Europe and North America. I feel that British Columbia lends itself well to a hybrid garden that includes native and global collection of plants; the challenge is to find the right blend of the two.

I see great value in the inclusion of native BC plants, not only because they are stunning, but they provide pollen/nectar for native bees and flies, nectar for hummingbirds, and seeds for foraging birds. Given the various restriction of owning chickens and other birds in the city, one can opt to attract wild birds; in turn, they reward us with their sheer beauty and daily antics as well as feasting on unwanted insects.